My essentials for a surftrip to a tropical destination

I travel lighter and lighter because over the years I realize that at the end of the world in tropical heat, you don't need much, especially when the objective of the trip is to surf as much as possible!

 Swimwear x5pcs:   

I like to change my swimsuits regularly so I take at least ¾ swimsuits and lately I have mainly replaced my swimsuits with long-sleeved surfsuits because they are much better for surfing.   

So I take 3 surfsuits (long-sleeved swimsuits) and 2 swimsuits (1 2-piece swimsuit and 1 1-piece swimsuit which also serves as a bodysuit and which I can wear with shorts outside of sessions)   

 Clothes :  

Shorts x2pcs. I always opt for comfortable pieces so either I take terrycloth shorts, or lighter ones like the Padang shorts which are perfect for going on a trip because they are light with a neutral color that goes with everything and they don't take up space in the suitcase.  

Bra x2pcs. I spend my life in a bra because I find it the most practical and comfortable.  Top / tee shirts x2/3 pcs. I generally opt for 1 t-shirt because I realize that I don't use them, I prefer to take small tops, crop tops or bodysuits.  

Playsuit x1pcs. I always have a playsuit with me because it's the most practical piece when traveling, you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear with it. The Mia or Wavy playsuit according to my desires.  

Skirt or dress x1pcs. I like to have 1 or 2 slightly nice pieces. The Keramas dress or the Bingin skirt are perfect because they are light and pleasant to wear. I like to wear these pieces in the evening when we go to dinner.  

Leggings x1pcs. Generally I travel with it because it's much more comfortable than jeans, I'm not telling you anything, and it doesn't take up space in the bag.

 Sweatshirt x1pcs. Same as for leggings, it's a piece that I have with me when I leave and which can be used in the evening depending on the destination.  

Jeans x1pcs. Depending on the destination I'm going to, I may sometimes take jeans with me (e.g. if I'm stopping in Mexico but otherwise it's rare that I take them.)  Underwear x7pcs. Have at least 1 week of underwear with you before having to wash them.  

Clothes to sleep.

Shoes x2pcs. I travel with 1 pair of light tennis shoes + I always take a pair of plastic birks (or slaps if you prefer)


Accessories :  

A towel, a poncho or a sarong. Very practical and essential for changing etc.  

A totebag. Very practical too for all your moves.

Also take a hat or cap and good sunglasses. (with a real UV index) essential to protect your eyes and for possible scooter trips.  

Recently I also ended up adopting the cap for surfing! I burned my eyes last year in Bali with the reverberation and I was very happy to have a cap to reduce contact with the sun. I have an FCS model that holds up well, you will also find some at rip curl or from Australian brands like sunwardbound.  

Surf slippers. It can save you from sea urchins or small cuts so you can slip it into your boardbag, it's not very heavy and you can be reassured to have them if you go to spots where there isn't a lot of water ;) 

Earplugs. If you are prone to ear infections, having a pair of earplugs will save you several days of sessions ;) I can recommend the EQ earplugs.  

Leash x1pcs (or you can take 2 if you happen to break yours) 

Fins x1set or 2 depending on the boards. Not to be forgotten because we rarely want to buy a pair of fins when we arrive there. 

Boards x1/2. Usually I travel with 1 or 2 boards, in my case, I go with a 5'11 fish which I love and a larger board goes everywhere in case of soft conditions. (6’6) size which I find optimal. I have never traveled with a longboard because it is too heavy, bulky and I find it risky with airlines. (not all accept boards over 2 meters, you will often have to make a request in advance not to mention the risk of breakage...)  

Recently I also went without boards because I knew I could rent good equipment locally. It’s really nice not to have to worry about your boardbag and airline excess. But obviously to do if you are sure you know the rental boards where you are going ;)  Scotch or Solarez (repair kit) in case you damage your board a little bit. 

Always also have an Fcs key (unless you have Fcs 2 plugs system) and a leash cord

Wax. Always bring at least one bar of wax, depending on the destination it's not always easy to find some right away.

 Sun products: don't forget about sun products, it's so important to protect your skin. For my part, it’s unthinkable to leave without a tinted face stick. (I like the salt & stone one) and a 50+ sunscreen for the body and especially the back and thighs.  

 Medicine kit: 

everyone knows what they need, if you go to Asia and particularly Indonesia, you know that it is essential to have good medicines and antibiotics in case of a wound that becomes infected. You should not take the slightest cut there lightly! So always having a good antiseptic like betadine is essential. An antibiotic cream with cortisone, ear drops, eye drops, doliprane, tiorfan is the minimum. 

You can also provide bandages, gauze, plaster, scissors, etc. 

There is not a single trip (apart from the one at Saladita) where I did not use the first aid kit.

And for comfort. You can take mosquito repellent, biafine and an anti-irritation or healing cream. 

Toiletry bag: 

as far as I'm concerned, I reduce it to the strict minimum because everything can easily be purchased on site so I increasingly avoid taking on loads otherwise it won't end. Hairbrushes, toothbrush, rubber bands or clips, toothpaste, deodorant, solid soap, tweezers, some depilatory strips, face/body/hair oil and on site I generally buy shampoo and conditioner so that my hair doesn't end up too damaged.  

Miscellaneous : 

Passport ! The most important thing to bring. (by checking its expiration date before your departure to avoid unpleasant surprises) Money, your Visa card

Visa approval (in case of long-term travel), your ESTA in case of transit through the USA

Think about your chargers devices (computer/camera/phone/go pro) depending on what you bring. 

Also remember to take a travel adapter

Headphones, one or more book(s), a pen to fill out the small forms for customs upon each arrival.  

 Well, I think I have covered the essentials to have in your bag for a surf trip. Above all, don't hesitate to add a comment if I missed something!

I wish you the best surftrip, plenty of waves, do not forget to fully enjoy the moment, it’s the most important.


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