Meet: Juliette Bechu, surfer and artist

Hello Juliet, Can you introduce yourself in a few lines please?

My name is Juliette Bechu, I am 27 years old, I am a freelance illustrator and a longboard enthusiast. I have been living in Hossegor for 2 years now.

Where did you grew up? I was born in Réunion, I was lucky enough to be able to grow up close to the ocean and nature.

Did you start surfing there or when did you start surfing?

I started surfing at the age of 6, my parents were surfing and quickly brought me with them, we spent almost every weekend at the beach and surfing, I have good memories.

What does surfing bring you?

It's a practice that forces me to let go, to be less in control. it forces me to be fully in the moment and it does me a lot of good.

I also like to go surfing with friends, it inspires me a lot for my illustrations, I have lots of little post-surf anecdotes that I keep preciously in notebooks...

What is your favorite wave? Difficult question!

By sentimental choice, the spot of 3 basins in Reunion. What maneuver are you learning to do right now?

Definitely the Hang ten.

Can you tell us about your board?

At the moment I'm surfing the ONR model in 9'2 from Fernand surfboards, a typical noseride longboard for small summer waves

Where will your next surftrip be?

Surely Sri Lanka next November!

And finally, what would your dream surftrip be?

I dream of going to Australia for a few months on the east coast, to be able to immerse myself and be inspired by the Australian surfing culture.

Thanks Juliet! you can find her work on and her Instagram page @juliette_illustration

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