Chloé Houdré

Pantai Pantai

PANTAI PANTAI is a home decor & lifestyle brand inspired by surf culture and modern beach vibes. It was just after discovering the island of Kauai that Chloe had the idea to combine her interest of visual identity & interior design with her passion for surfing and travelling.

Amazed by the breathtaking landscapes & captured by the Hawaiian lifestyle, Chloe started designing & sketching tropical leaves & writing down ideas in her travelling journal always being orientated towards the nature & ocean.


At just 30 years old, Chloe a creative minded individual living in Hossegor , was inspired by her numerous travels to put pen to paper and launch PANTAI PANTAI, a brand that reflects her love for voyages, creativity and beach vibes.

As an experienced trade marketer in the boardsport industry, she kept contact with her printers and suppliers. Thanks to them her first prototypes were produced, bringing her closer to her brand idea – PANTAI PANTAI

Chloé Houdré